The Art of Marketing

Is branding in your business’ name?

If there is a way to tell your brand’s story with a Call to Action implied; well, heck that is like a hole in one!!!

When naming PeakaVue, we had those two ideas in mind while also wanting to express a playful personality. Our winking icon put the icing on our name!

There are a few twists to our name’s story in that we spelled it P E A K and V U E.
P E A K meaning, “Hey brand, what is the best you’ve got to show us?”
V U E because, it’s the French word for view and we equate that with being a bit discerning.
Put it together and you have our call to action, Peak – a – Vue!

What’s the story behind your business’ name? We would love to hear it!

Madheart Marketing

The Secrets Of Engaging Content

Engagement Illustration

So you want to create more engaging content – Content that will turn first time visitors into regular visitors!

You have tried all the tricks in the book to make your content engaging, but it doesn’t work.

You even tried all the strategies taught by the gurus in your niche. But, all effort to get your audience to engage with your content is futile.

So what Now?

How about stopping the madness of creating more and more content and come about this from a different angle?

Try streamlining content with functions in a way that FUELS engagement. Then, put it into the palm of every customer’s hand in your geo-community.

Now, engaging content becomes content you can engage with.

You have given your customers value by turning content into useful, relevant, easily accessible information. Your customers will appreciate that. You are saving them time!

We have done that for the best-in-class brands in the Conejo Valley on PeakaVue. It works! Click on the ‘Engagement Illustration’ above to see how.

The Data Supporting Mobile Marketing

Excerpts taken from an article by Oracle:
Oracle/Power-of-one/mobile marketing

The Power Is Now In Marketing’s Hands
“90% of a consumer’s time while on a mobile device is done so via an app.”

“… Given the fact there are now more mobile devices on the planet than there are human beings, it’s pretty obvious that engaging with customers via mobile should be a priority. As for apps, consider this staggering statistic: 90% of a consumer’s time while on a mobile device is done so via an app.”

And according to Gartner: “Consumers see mobile apps as their main digital interaction with their favorite brands.”

Customer experience is — as Forbes put it — the future of marketing.

“The bottom line is that providing the best possible customer experience is para-mount for success. Consumers have stated that they will spend more money based on the experience they receive from a given brand. Conversely they will bail on a transaction or not make an intended purchase because of a poor experience.”

A New Engagement Model

“According to Forrester, with mobile in play, consumers now move from discovering a brand to doing research, making a purchase, and using a product within minutes if not seconds. And they expect this experience to be not only possible, but positive.”

“Today’s customers demand a seamless, integrated brand experience delivered to them with ultimate simplicity and relevancy in real time. To deliver, mobile demands a new engagement model.”

“And mobile apps, while powerful, shouldn’t be managed and operated in a silo. Instead, mobile apps should be orchestrated as part of a cross-channel marketing program to create highly curated experiences for the customer.”

“I think the problem is we’re creating content for content’s sake,” says Carlos Hidalgo, CEO and Principal of Annuitas. “What we need to think about is, we don’t need to create more content—and I keep seeing stats that our budgets are increasing, we’re creating more content, we’re doing this, we’re doing that… I just want to say: everybody stop. And let’s start creating relevant content.”

“No matter the device, they want to pick up where they left off. The consumer now expects to be able to complete any action from their phone/tablet.”

“Mobile consumer experiences cannot be truncated any longer. That experience simply doesn’t align with expectations.”

So there you have it. I believe most of what Oracle has said in this article to be accurate. Having been in the advertising industry since 1986, this reality has been brewing for some time. Luckily, as the laws of economics remain true, demand has driven supply and the situation gave birth to the tools to meet consumers’ expectations in the form of MOBILE APPS.

Apps come in all shapes and sizes. They can be designed to have multiple functions and capabilities. I chose to design one to fuel commerce in a macro-community. So far so good, modern marketers are choosing to become members because they see how PeakaVue is there to create engagement, connect with their customers and optimize interactions that attract and retain ideal customers.

Amplify Your Distinction and Be Seen!

I believe in amplifying our differences. It hasn’t ever appealed to me to fit in by being similar. Today, that couldn’t be more important when marketing and branding. Think of what makes your brand stand out and shine a bright light on it! Otherwise risk getting lost in the noise of the competition!

When developing my brand – a mobile app for the Conejo Valley – I went 100% rogue and decided to look away from what has become common practice in tech and marketing, and instead I turned my focus to bringing value to the residents, visitors and businesses of my community.

I ended up creating a platform that is completely unique because it is curated by and for locals. There isn’t anything else that currently exists where there is a subset of the best-in-class of all brands within a particular community.

It’s also not populated with any reviews, ratings, advertising or content generated by pedestrians. All of the content used to market and brand a business in the app is collected from the business itself. So, it is a space that affords a brand their opportunity to express their branding and tell their story their way!

What is your distinction?

Mobile Marketing Is Smart!

Iphoone w:landing page

Engaged communities are already on mobile. This is where brands and fans are coming together outside the confines of their physical locations and connecting virtually, ‪24/7. Are you there to embrace them?

You have two choices: Direct this activity to your brand; or miss the boat.

We are marketing in the Age of Participation. Mobile devices have replaced computers as our go-to tools of infinite access. It’s become the “smart” choice due to freedom, functionality and connection.

Is your business embracing marketing participation in the Conejo Valley on mobile? Or is that merely where you are located?

If you are only using your device as a gateway to a search engine on the web, you are missing out on the awesome abilities this technology could bring to you and your business.

Join the millions of people who are embracing marketing on native apps. They are doing so because apps can bring focus to the overwhelming amount of information on the internet. Think of them as having a guide to a specific destination.

In the Conejo Valley, PeakaVue has captured over 300 of the best-in-class brands for the local residents, businesses and visitors to discover and connect to. We are constantly curating new additions!

Join PeakaVue today to make discovering your brand’s story effortless.