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Own Your Market Share!

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Time and time again, I come across outstanding brands across a wide birth of industries that are dying because they ignore the necessity for media. This is no joke.

I get that there is so much confusion and noise that it makes it challenging to discern fact from fiction.  However, turning a blind eye and ignoring this could cause significant losses in a brand’s market share and stagnate their ability to fully actualize on their products potential sales.

Embracing media goes far beyond having a social media channel.  It is about the CONTENT.  Creating content that is relevant to your brand gives your audience an opportunity to participate with you beyond purchasing transactions.

Owning your market share by embracing and using media to your benefit by creating content can become exponentially beneficial to your bottom line when interactions with your customers extend beyond transactions.

Marketing in the Age of Participation

There is no question that the key to a brand’s success is the experience it provides to customers.

However, today that experience has taken on a new dimension – ENGAGEMENT.

Capture the experience of engaging with your brand by sharing your knowledge/history/passion in bite-sized chunks. Do it by creating content visually, audibly and/or literally. Tying the experience back to your brand authentically is the game!

Drawing people to you because you are speaking their language will yield engagement! Without this, your marketing efforts could fly by unnoticed. Even if you are participating in tons of social media…

Converting an engaged audience, creating fans from an engaged audience and having repeat business from an engaged audience is marketing in the age of participation!

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Madheart Marketing

What makes PeakaVue Unique?

PeakaVue is unique because it is curated.  There isn’t anything else that exists currently where there is a sub set of the best-in-class of all brands within a particular community.

It’s also not populated with any reviews, ratings or content generated by pedestrians. It is a space that affords a brand their opportunity to express their branding and tell their story.


Conejo Valley, you are invited ~

I was inspired to create a platform to serve the best-in-class businesses around me. To create a clean, non manipulated modern marketing space for their branding stories. To level the playing field as it were… where a mom and pop (small business) has the same opportunity as a global brand to shine and connect. 
A place where less is MORE. 
Join me and together let’s fuel authentic, meaningful engagement within our geo-community, The Conejo Valley.

Leveraging marketing synergy for business results in the Conejo Valley

PeakaVue leverages marketing synergy by capturing the best-in-class businesses as a group within the Conejo Valley.

These businesses are given a clean, non manipulated modern marketing space for their branding stories.

Whether you’re a small business or a global brand doesn’t really matter to the residents, visitors or other businesses in the community. What does matter is that they can find and engage with you as effortlessly as possible!

Where else can you go to find that?