I believe in amplifying our differences. It hasn’t ever appealed to me to fit in by being similar. Today, that couldn’t be more important when marketing and branding. Think of what makes your brand stand out and shine a bright light on it! Otherwise risk getting lost in the noise of the competition!

When developing my brand – a mobile app for the Conejo Valley – I went 100% rogue and decided to look away from what has become common practice in tech and marketing, and instead I turned my focus to bringing value to the residents, visitors and businesses of my community.

I ended up creating a platform that is completely unique because it is curated by and for locals. There isn’t anything else that currently exists where there is a subset of the best-in-class of all brands within a particular community.

It’s also not populated with any reviews, ratings, advertising or content generated by pedestrians. All of the content used to market and brand a business in the app is collected from the business itself. So, it is a space that affords a brand their opportunity to express their branding and tell their story their way!

What is your distinction?